Romantic / Nostalgic

Romantic / Nostalgic

Fishes Indie Underscore, ukuleles, piano, strings

I Love Ice Cream Pads, electric guitars, piano

Wanna Be Best Friends? (Rebbeca’s Theme- Full) Harp, strings, innocent

One Of These Moments – Romantic theme, strings + acoustic guitar + piano

A Hoot and a Half strings, synth, warm vibe

I’ll take Care of You – sweet, romantic, comedy moment underscore

Romantic Flight Hollywood style, full blown orchestral, dramatic- fantasy

An Unexpected Turn of Events – piano, acoustic guitar. Calm

Alma – First sight Fairy tale over the top…

Make yourself at home honey strings, piano

First Love Sweet, childlike, first romance

Nostalgic Evening small ensemble, romantic, nostalgic

Good Morning Classical romantical waltz, clarinet + piano

Rebbeca’s Theme Part 1 Harp, strings, innocent