Ambient / Under Dialogue

Big Bubble – Rhythmic, ethereal, senses of wonderment

Montreal – rhythmic, energetic, underdialogue

Holly Simplicity – Meditative. Relaxed. Calm. Ocean vibe.

Mother Ocean– Uplifting. Driving. Energetic. Optimistic.

Eternal Moment Atmospheric. Sci-fi. Little melody.

Here and Now. Ambient Bitter-Sweet. A little sad. Repeating Motive.

Pasta Melodic. Delicate. Cosy.

Fire Escape Eerie. Sad. Emotional.

Yoga Sisters Waltz, Minimal, Positive

In Class Subliminal, Simple, Optimistic

Air Piano, Hopeful, Airy

The Mattress Sad undertone, subliminal

Lolly’s Waltz Waltz, End credits, inspirational positive vibe