Guitar + Piano / Simple Stuff

Jordan’s Theme – acoustics, humming vocals, rhythmic. Bitter Sweet…

And She’s a Wierdo – Acoustic guitar,piano

Bright Future Ahead – Bright, light texture

Inaccurately-Cosy Calm, acoustic guitar, piano

One Of These Moments – Romantic theme, strings + acoustic guitar + piano

Did You Dress Me – love theme, acoustic guitar, piano

Karma’s A BITCH – Indie Pop Style, percussive, guitars

Clear Day -Subtle, Hopeful, Ukulele, piano getting into rhythmic, ride cymbals

Fishes-Indie Underscore, ukuleles, piano, strings

An Unexpected Turn of Events – piano, acoustic guitar. Calm

Who Cares – Guitars, Ukes, voice… draft style 🙂