Drama- Hollywood Style

This Day Forward – Main Title Agitated Viola opening, Melodic, Orchestra + Vocals, Hopeful

Strings of Hope Emotional, Sensitive, Resolution

Romantic Flight- Orchestral, emotional, melodic

Shalom, Goodbye Dramatic. Epic. War Drama. String Orchestra.

Welcome to the ARCTIC Positive energy, big

So Proud of You Full of Hope, Epic, Victorious, Underdialogue

Inspirational Soup- Building, driving, orchestral

Darline’s Theme Gentle, Feminine, Harp, Woodwinds.

You Did It! Inspirational, Hopeful, Martial, Big.

Top Shorts – Festival Promo, full blown orchestral Hollywood style

Good Practice (And The Tiara Goes To…) – Film Opening. Main Theme. Family-Drama.

Stubborn and Realistic Sad, emotional

You Gotta Save The World Serious, String Orchestra.

Badly Constructed Sad, growing.

Fire Escape (Other Halves) Eerie, Soundscape, Electronic + Strings, dramatic

The Toy Maker (End Credits)- Periodic, WWII drama

Look at All This Ice

Resolution (Mitzvah) Periodic, Holocaust drama, kinda Hopeful

Theme of Silence- Calm, Relaxed, Orchestral

Documentary Opening (Until The End, Amir)

Can’t Escape (Fear) – Sensitive, Spacious, building slowly, romantic

My World Without Him (Until The End, Amir) – Heart Breaking, Tragedy

Great Drama (Behind The Blinds) – Big Hillarious moment (Comedy)