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THIS DAY FORWARD’s Score Nominated for an HMMA Award

This Day Forward‘s score is nominated for Best Original Score- Independent Feature at the Hollywood Music in Media Awards. Boom! Kinda surreal to see my name on the list alongside these masters of film scoring…
This meaningful, thought-provoking film was directed by the very gifted Brian Ide , and I’m very proud of our second collaboration!
And thank you Mike and Jennifer Jensen, for sharing this personal story. May the movie bring faith and hope to the ones who watch it.

Luminarias wins Best Score (Short) at Tenerife International Film Music Festival

I’m super pumped to share the news – My score for Luminarias won Best Score for a Short Film at Fimucite, the Tenerife International Film Music Festival. Out of 908 short films that were submitted, 20 were shortlisted as finalists, and my film won. I couldn’t be more thrilled about it. Listen to Luminarias’ score here:

Thanks again to animator Catherine Choolijian who brought me on board to score her wonderful movie! And thank you- amazing musicians who made the score sound good: Catherine Baker, Chloe Chiu, Karen Chooljian, @Ben Crofut, Kelsi Doolittle, Alex Rosales García, Coco Ya-nan Hu, Annie Jacobs-Perkins, Marina Lenau, Margeaux Maloney, Karoline Menezes Smith, Zach Pulse, Carrie Rexroat, Tim Richardson, Evgeny Tonkha, Daphne Violin Tsao, @Zun-Hin Woo, Jennifer Wu, and Dan Blanck.

The Big Nothing – Israeli TV show now airing on YES KIDZ Channel

Over the summer, I scored The Big Nothing, the coolest Sci-Fi Comedy TV Series for Yes-Kidz Channel. This concludes my fourth collaboration with writer-director Nir Berger, whom I can only describe as a ROCK STAR and I can’t wait for our next project together. He is A List material. The story of the series: it’s the first intergalactic reality show, taking place in a giant butt-shaped space station. The contestants are aliens, portrayed by puppets, and humans. It’s dark, fast-paced and utterly crazy. If you’re in Israel, catch the 12 episodes of The Big Nothing- airing now on Yes-Kidz and on YES-VOD in-demand.

Listen to the main title:

And the end credits:

New Zealand’s Guide To Tessering Performed by the HOLLYWOOD CHAMBER ORCHESTRA

Performed by the Hollywood Chamber Orchestra lead by Mark Robertson, New Zealand’s Guide To Tessering is inspired by A Wrinkle In Time and my adventures when traveling in New Zealand, the piece celebrates the energy of nature, love & hope. As described in the novel by Madeleine L’Engle, Tessering is a form of traveling in the fifth dimension. The colorful musical journey reflects this experience, which transcends temporal and earthly boundaries.
“Stories make us more alive, more human, more courageous, more loving.” – Madeleine L’Engle

Projects Showcase


Here’s a link to MINDGAME, the thriller I recently scored. Directed by Jamie Neese
I’m so proud of this movie and the score. Note that it’s probably R rated.. enjoy!

A Taste of My Upcoming Reel!


Super excited to announce I am 1 of 11 talented women composers to present their music in a live concert, taking place October 30th, in The Ebell of Los Angeles. The music will be performed live to picture, by the Helix Collective. RSVP here!


It’s films like MINDGAME that remind me why I signed up for this career. MINDGAME is such a brilliant, mind-blowing thriller directed by Jamie Neese, whose work is no less than PERFECT. I can’t even begin to express how much I love this movie and the people behind it! Wrote about 26 min of score for it in 10 days. Here are pics from the mix. Here’s one of the main themes in the movie.

L to R: Sound mixer Peter Kelsey, Director Jamie Neese, Editor Dave Maurer myself and Producer Jay Holben
mindgame mix

mindamge mix

Recording at The Newman Scoring Stage, Fox Studios

I’ve had the greatest time recording a 65-piece orchestra at Fox Studios – Newman Scoring Stage earlier this month. Can’t thank ASCAP enough for this incredible opportunity one can only dream of !